Value Growth Advisors

         Private Company Investment

Through our affiliated organization, Gulf Search Capital,  we are able to create additional value for select companies, when the time is right, by combining our advisory expertise and focus on business process and data-driven management with majority investments in small and lower middle-market companies that can benefit from such a partnership.

With our sister organization, Gulf Search Capital, we act as a corporate advisory and private investment group and differentiate ourselves from other strategic and financial management consulting advisors by developing a deep understanding of your company's purpose from the very beginning of our relationship.  Clarity of purpose illuminates best paths for our value-growth-advisory management consulting services to solve your challenges.  We can then align your core competencies to create a powerful, competitive market advantage.  Our unique approach to what others might see as mundane calculation or analysis tasks allows us to set your company on a trajectory of emerging from its competition and creating exponential increases in your business valuation.

Do you know the number one reason private companies sell for less than they should?



performance-based partnerships that start with purpose

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         Data-Based Management Coaching

We specialize in working with you to identify weaknesses and opportunities in your company and then intelligently capitalize on them through a disciplined Strategic Planning process

  • Operational and Financial KPI Identification and Value Tree Analysis

  • Custom Dashboard Building

  • Disciplined metrics allow informed management decisions.


Methodically Increase your company's value and Cash Flow - whether you seek to grow organically, grow by acquisition, or plan to exit in the next 1-5 years


We at Emerge Dynamics have a  passion for helping companies create and save jobs and maximize their value to the community and to future investors.  Our management consulting and investment banking caliber services lead small and lower-middle market companies to growth. We get excited about creating solutions to problems and have enhanced both distressed firms  and  promising start-ups across several different industries.  We thrive on our ability to identify opportunity where others see problems and wrap strategies of success around them.  Whether you want to grow, turn around or exit your business, give us a call to discuss your challenge.  Don't wait until you are ready to sell your company to start tuning up your business or to engage an M&A expert.  It takes time to maximize your company's value. Start now so that when you are ready to sell, your value can be almost 100% higher than it would have been.