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It's a physical for your business

We all know how our bodies feel, and get pretty good and reading signals from our bodies to understand if we are sick or healthy.  Yet it is still recommended that we receive annual checkups because something insidious could be building in our bodies and its better to address the issue before it is allowed to grow and later make us very sick.

The same wisdom applies to our businesses.  By receiving regular checkups and monitoring that create insight beyond what financial statements or accounting audits provide, we can continually make informed strategic management decisions that are driven by data instead of our guts.


Deep Company Diagnostics

We complete a deep analysis of your business from our independent, third-party perspective, to identify the weaknesses and opportunities of your business.  Out deliverable is more than a pretty report.  It is an action plan which we will implement with you to capture any value you are missing. 

We take a deep look at all the same factors a lender or potential investor would explore in their due diligence, so that you can optimize your business and reap the associated rewards long before its time to negotiate with an investor or buyer.

  • Cash flow analysis
  • Individual product and service margin analysis
  • Breakeven analysis
  • Scenario analysis
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Marketing strengths and weaknesses including
    • Product / service analysis
    • Distribution analysis
  • Facilities and equipment analysis
  • Process efficiency analysis

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