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Increase Your Business Value Through Organic Growth or By Acquisition to Maximize Your Exit Valuation 

Find out in 13 minutes how to increase the value of your business by 71%. Take our Value Builder assessment and we'll return a complimentary report to you.

Methodically increase your company's value and cash flow - whether you seek to grow organically, grow by acquisition, or plan to exit in the next 1-5 years

We are Value Growth M&A Advisors focused on identifying value opportunities and accelerating the business values of our clients around the world. We believe every organization performs at its best when the management team understands its purpose, mission, and vision.  It is only after this alignment that profit-enhancing competitive strategies can lead to success.  Every Emerge Dynamics engagement is executed with this approach at its core.

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We have a  passion for helping companies create and save jobs and maximize their value to the community and to future investors. 


Our management consulting and investment banking caliber services lead small and lower-middle market companies to the right mix of organic or M&A growth.

We thrive on our ability to identify opportunity where others see problems and wrap strategies of success around them. 


Whether you want to grow, turn around or exit your business, we can help increase the value of your business.


Our experienced team draws upon decades of experience in strengthening companies across several industries and countries.


Emerge Dynamics is thoughtful in analysis, taking the time to understand our business and making recommendations that have helped improve the enterprise value of Big Easy Bucha. Their team is a group of all-stars, blending in all facets of finance, providing tools to management to understand key performance indicators and they do so with an open mind and proactive approach.

- Austin Sherman, Founder of Big Easy Bucha

I’d like to express my gratitude to both David and Eric for launching us on a trajectory to build value in the business and sell it.Their efforts to help align our business towards profitability was the launch point that culminated in the sale of our business.


Their insight into our business, their encouragement to think through the VMOSTA framework, working with us in going through the early parts of the Value Builder system, the owner analysis of whether we were ready to sell, and clarifying the need for our mission board ALL set us up in a really short time-frame to show value in our business. It helped make our business attractive to our buyer.They were the catalyst in many ways and for that I am grateful.


I also really appreciated Eric’s guidance throughout the entire sale process. His insights into the buyer’s point of view were critical. His understanding of the impact of our conversations and decisions especially with regards to Net Working Capital and the interplay with Indebtedness were important factors as we worked through the obnoxious details. Eric was a valuable consultant throughout this process and I truly appreciated his consistent efforts and wise counsel.

-Kevin Hostutler, President and Co-Founder of ACGI Software

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