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A Chance To Participate In The Transformation of a Continent

We're excited to share this video insight into a project we've been working on for several years with Jumpstart Africa is a Ugandan organization that has provided the capital necessary for hundreds of entrepreneurs to grow their businesses to the point that they move their families from the slums to houses.

Recent initiatives have equipped Jumpstart Africa with world-class, cloud-based accounting software. And a partnership with has allowed them to be one of the first in their industry in the world to have their loans tokenized in a blockchain.

We have begun a pilot project to increase Jumpstart Africa’s loan size from micro-loans to medium size business loans which will have even more impact and job creation. With the data from this pilot we expect to bring large institutions onboard with the potential to transform the entire continent.

The initial $25,000 of the pilot has gone well and they need your help to successfully complete it. They are seeking to raise $300,000 of donations which will be used to expand their initial lending portfolio. Every little bit helps. You have a unique opportunity to know you are donating to a sustainable organization that will re-lend your funds numerous times, and that more families than you will ever realize may be able to eat dinner because of you. Getting funds to them is easy through our vetted partnership with Partners Worldwide.

We have donated thousands of dollars and countless hours to build Jump Start Africa to sustainability and with your help we can get them over the finish line. You can be confident that your donations will be alongside ours, and together we can do our part in making this a better world. Please prayerfully consider if you are called to support this work (select "Uganda: Jumpstart Africa" from the dropdown box) and let us know if you want to discuss further. Please also forward this video to anyone you know who would have interest.


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