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The Emerge Dynamics Podcast is Underway!

We’re happy to announce our first episodes of the Emerge Dynamics Podcast.

This podcast is for those who manage or invest in small and medium-sized private companies across the planet.

We’re hearing firsthand about challenges and how they were turned into opportunities. We’re taking a deep dive into the dynamics that drive some companies to emerge from their competitors and truly create value.

And we want to hear from you! We’ve been inspired by the amazing stories we’ve heard from so many of the people we’ve met and we want to share your stories with others.

We have several episodes up already and our series on understanding how much your business might be worth will be released shortly.

You can listen at:

Emerge Dynamics Podcast on Apple Podcasts

Emerge Dynamics Podcast on Spotify

or wherever you get your podcasts.

A few of our favorite episodes so far are:

Episode 4: Vision Statement – Burn the Document

Episode 6: Strategy – Differentiate or Die

And a timely current events discussion:

Episode 8: Insidious Inflation and How to Stay Ahead of it

We’d love to feature your stories as we celebrate the unsung contributions to society that businesses make every day. If you listen to our existing episodes 3,4, and 6 and those resonate with stories you have, let’s please discuss. Please reach out at:

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