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We're Fighting Poverty With Business.

And We Want You To Join Us.

While many view business people as simply people who can write checks so that others can do good work, we believe it is the skills and talents of the business people themselves that are the most pivotal in fighting poverty. It's a proven model with measurable impact.

Much of our Business Affiliate (BA) group's work  leverages the resources of Partners Worldwide
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Active Projects in 3 Countries


We're working with a coffee growers association that provides agricultural training, capital, and buying power to hundreds of small farmers in Nicaragua.


We're working with a microfinance organization that provides hundreds of working capital loans of approximately $100 each to women in Uganda.  They have an impressively high repayment rate and have numerous clients who have grown their businesses to the point they could move from the slums and into a house.

Trinidad and Tobago
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We're working with a business training organization that provides full programs to entrepreneurs and small businesses across Trinidad and Tobago.

Hope, Purpose, and Human Flourishing

Our story is not one of the familiar messaging we often hear that gives the impression that the poor in the emerging world are helpless and dying unless we rush to send money.


Instead our story is one of hope, purpose, and human flourishing. It is a story of people who, despite their material depravity, have smiles, hopes, and dreams for their families. They laugh, joke, work, and get frustrated just like we do. They are the protagonists of their own entrepreneurial growth stories, and they seek people like you and me to invest in their success.

Will You Join Us?

We need business people to contribute their time, talent, and treasure along with us.  The people we work with need you even more.  Your role can take various forms:

1) Join us as a Business Affiliate (BA)

     - Business coaching and strategic planning

     - In-person visits with local organizations

     - Monthly Skype accountability calls

     - Various skill-sets needed

2) Support our BA Group

     - Tax deductible donations to assist with travel costs that make the work of the BA team possible

3) Direct investment into local organizations

     - Tax deductible high-impact opportunities (one-time donation is perpetually reinvested to create ongoing impact)

     - For profit investment opportunities that grow business and can give you a return




Do You Feel Called? Let's Please Talk
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