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Custom built 3-statement financial forecasts that help entrepreneurs raise money, implement an internal project, or turn around by providing full clarity of use of proceeds

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It isn't a tool to help you predict the future.
It's a tool to help you create it.
High Fidelity Pro Forma Financial Forecasts

Emerge Dynamics' high-fidelity financial models clearly tie your operational plans to pro forma financial statements that set you apart from your peers with a better articulated operational plan, financial plan and use of proceeds for your investors and management.


Our financial pro forma forecasts are Custom Built For Your Company's Needs.

While many software products have been built to attempt to automate the financial forecasting process, we haven't found any that allow an entrepreneur or manager to defend fully their forecast and demonstrate that their project can be successful. 


Our models are tailored to your project:


Detailed Revenue and Expense Buildup Models

Instead of simply applying a percentage growth factor, our models employ detailed revenue expense buildups that include units sold, pricing assumptions, economies of scale effects, market penetration rates, exchange rate effects, commodity price movements (when applicable) and much more that will allow entrepreneurs and managers to defend their assumptions and present their project in an effective and compelling way.


Flexible Assumptions

Our models are designed with numerous user-editable variables that can be modified after the fact with little or no support required from Emerge Dynamics. The model is designed not only to be an investor presentation tool, but also a management tool that will allow management to make informed decisions based on changing real world events into the future.  


Full Integration With Historic Financials

Emerge Dynamics' models integrate with existing historic financials to give a seamless financial statement representation of the link between historic and expected future performance.


Scenario Analysis

In addition to numerous flexible and user-editable assumptions in the model, we also present scenario analysis tables around the primary drivers of your business plan to give investors and management a one-glance snapshot of several feasible states of the world in the future.


Compelling Charts and Graphs

All financial models include numerous, compelling charts and graphs, which can be directly pasted in investor or management presentations.


Sources and Uses of Proceeds Table

All Emerge Dynamics models include a summary 'Sources and Uses' table, which defines where cash is expected to come from and how it will be used.


Merger and Acquisition Support

When it is an appropriate part of your growth plan, Emerge Dynamics' financial forecasts include full analyses of Mergers, Proceeds of Divesting Divisions or Major Assets, Acquisition through Leveraged Buyout (LBO), Acquisition through Management Buyout (MBO), and many other types of transaction structures.


Cross-Border and Multi-Currency Support

When projects contemplate revenue from another country or a merger or acquisition is contemplated across borders, currency exchange rates and rate movement scenarios are accounted for.


Detailed Modules for High-Fidelity Results

Emerge Dynamics' models include, where appropriate, detailed modules, which map out exactly when and how cash will flow. These can include:

  • Accounts Payable - including expected changes in vendor payment terms

  • Accounts Receivable - including expected future changes in collection ability

  • Inventory - including detailed mapping of inventory purchases, minimum stock on hand, and linkage with Accounts Payable

  • Capital Expenditures - detailed mapping of planned capital expenditures along with their timing

  • Depreciation Analysis - full depreciation schedules of planned capital expenditures

  • Employee Expenses - full detail of employees' salaries, benefits, planned changes in compensation, bonus programs, and assumptions on how employee growth will follow  company growth

  • Construction Timelines and Schedules - for construction and large real estate projects, detailed timing of construction hard expenses, soft expenses, and FF&E, tied to dates and scenarios of expected first revenue

  • Custom Module - any other custom module needed for a specific project to deliver a feasible, defensible model

Why You Need A Custom Financial Forecast

Custom pro forma financial forecasts portray your story in an efficient, effective, and compelling format to internal management, senior management, or external investors. 


The forecast increases the probability of successfully launching an internal project, seeking external financing for a new project, launching a start-up, or executing a turnaround of an existing company.


All financial models are built through careful consultation with management, the identification of the company's core competitive advantages, and consideration of the effects of the external environment on your company's expected performance.


Our financial modeling projects can be commissioned as standalone projects, but are often executed holistically in combination with our Comprehensive Business Analysis and Opportunity Identification, Competitive Advantage Consultation, Value Opportunity Profile, Turnaround ManagementPreparing a Company for Sale / Exit Planning services. View our business process video on using these tools to increase valuation.


Because of their custom nature, modeling projects vary in duration from 2 to 8 weeks depending on complexity and company needs.


In order to ensure accuracy, our financial modeling projects include multiple consultations, including at least one in-person consultation which can occur at our offices in New Orleans, at your office anywhere in the world, or if needed, virtually.

Sample Past and Ongoing Projects

Past and ongoing projects have built value for our clients across California, Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, Latin America, and South America including:


  • Forecast and strategic analysis for the successful launch and financing of a natural foods company in Seattle, Washington

  • Forecast and business plan refinement for a successful launch and venture capital funding of a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) startup in New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Pro Forma forecast of a popular tourist restaurant in South Florida as part of buy-side due diligence which led to a successful acquisition

  • Merger analysis of two aviation companies in their contemplated cross-border merger

  • Detailed pro forma forecast and scenario analysis for a regional retail company with over 10 locations which was used for financing and implementation of a turnaround plan

  • Leveraged Buyout (LBO) analysis for a private equity group considering the purchase of a portfolio company

  • Construction planning, modeling, and scenario analysis for the financing of a large hotel in New Orleans by a nationally recognized entity

  • Detailed location historical performance analysis and future acquisition scenarios analysis for a fast-growing Louisiana real estate developer with over 20 income-producing retail commercial properties across the region

  • Pro Forma financial analysis for a contemplated Louisiana movie studio

  • Pro Forma financial analysis for a fast-growing construction company in Atlanta, Georgia which led to successful expansion project financing

  • Pro Forma financial analysis for a ship building company in South Louisiana for the purposes of financing and management decision making

  • Pro Forma financial analysis for the launch of a spirits producer, including detailed inventory analysis of a multi-year barrel aging process

  • Analysis and buy-side due diligence for the potential acquisition of a California insurance industry company

  • Modeling and forecasts for the support of the valuation and corporate strategy of a national insurance-related company in order evaluate a potential buyout offer

  • Micro-finance pro forma modeling for a Latin American micro-finance organization

  • And many others...


We operate from our offices in New Orleans, LA to anywhere in the world and can often be on-site within a few days of a consultation.  We conduct our in-person sessions with you, at your facility, anywhere in the United States, Latin America, Caribbean, Europe, Australia, or the Pacific Rim. When needed, dedicated time at your facility is committed deliver the tools you need.

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