For our smaller clients who use Quickbooks, we've developed that pulls data from a computer-based Quickbooks file and delivers it to a cloud-based dashboard which gives business owners real-time insight into numerous financial, operational, and custom designed metrics. If you are only watching your financial metrics (but not your operational metrics) or if you are only receiving performance information from your accountant once per quarter or once per year - you need this. For our larger clients who are using more robust accounting packages, we create a dashboard within that package or via an independent reporting system. We then coach you on a regular basis on how to read your dashboard metrics and how to respond to changes.

Sample clients Emerge Dynamics or its staff is/has been engaged and/or partnered with:

  • Several other proprietary projects across the country in industries, such as oilfield services, restaurant, hotel, medical practice, commercial distribution, film production, microfinance, renewable energy, venture capital, private equity, and consumer services.

Our Method


We firmly believe that when operated properly businesses create value for all stakeholders: customers, vendors, owners, employees, and the community. Companies who operate this way are more profitable as well. 


02. Insight

We help small and lower middle-market business owners see their business in a better way. Real-time monitoring and analysis of financial and operating performance creates the ability to capture more opportunities.


03. Processes

After aligning values and insight, companies are able to see clearly how their processes can be optimized. Core competencies can more clearly be identified and resources can be directed to a focused competitive advantage. Whether its financial analysis and controls, financial forecasting, internal process improvement, employee growth plans and goals, Customer Resource Management (CRM), or Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Creation and Measurement, we evaluate them and work with you to implement these measures of your process improvement.

About Us

Value Growth Advisors

What is Value Growth Advising?


We call ourselves Value Growth Business Advisors because we go well-beyond what traditional management consultants do. We dive into your business and guide you through formulating a strategic plan that help you emerge from your peers.  We roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty.  We work with you not only to find your emergent path, but to articulate and implement.

Our services are delivered while always focusing on the answers to these critical questions:

  • What path does my business need to embark on today to emerge from its competitors and what capital and other resources will I need to realize this path?

  • If I sell my business what is my business worth today?

  • How can I maximize the positive impact my business has on its stakeholders (employees, customers, vendors, shareholders, community) so that I can increase the value of my company?

  • How do I design my growth (organic or through acquisition) or exit strategy to happen with the best valuation, timing, and structure?


We conduct our management consulting services out of our New Orleans, LA office and can often be on your site anywhere in the Caribbean, Latin America, Australia, or Pacific Rim within days of an initial consultation.

KPI Measurement

Creating Wealth across the world

While other management consulting firms simply solve problems, emerge dynamics' Value growth advisory creates wealth