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You need to deploy your capital quickly and productively.  Emerge Dynamics delivers unparalleled
assessment, analysis, and transaction structuring abilities that maximize your IRR and add
strength and sophistication to your already strong investment process.

Our team of seasoned experts dive into investment opportunities with more precision than others.  Our purpose-driven support through every stage of the investment process gives private equity groups, family offices, and acquisitive operating companies enhanced  visibility and maximized probabilities of beating target IRRs.

Because we focus exclusively on optimizing privately-held, lower middle-market and middle-market operating companies, we are able to specialize in the nuances particular to organizations in this part of the market.

Our Process


Our teams will augment your search process by delivering an exhaustive competitive analysis, financial assessment, and proposed transaction structure.  Because time is usually of the essence, all of these can be delivered quickly to keep your deal momentum moving forward.

Competitive Analysis and Strategic Fit

We'll work with your investment team to assess the strategic fit of the target with your operations. Or, if it is a standalone investment,  we'll work to ensure the company either understands how to capitalize on its mission and competitive advantages, or can do so post-transaction.

Financial Assessment

Our rigorous financial analysis process pulls apart a target company's financial and operating data to better inform the narrative of its historic and expected future cash flows.  We begin this effort pre-LOI and constantly refine pro forma assumptions as negotiations proceed and post-LOI diligence efforts begin.

Proposing a Transaction Structure and Negotiation Support

You already know the EBITDA multiple is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to navigating a successful transaction. Our process explores all related balance sheet items and the complexities of working capital negotiation to ensure you have the resources in place on day one to support the EBITDA you are purchasing.  We'll consider many transaction nuances the typical valuation process doesn't, but all of which will effect your IRR. These include: seller finance scenarios, management rollover equity, impact of stock vs asset transactions, coupling equity with mezzanine finance, realistic bank financing of working capital and fixed assets, real estate considerations, adjusting EBITDA for items that won't continue in the future company, and transaction synergies.


As your due diligence begins we can employ our value opportunity assessment as a diligence tool to understand the organization's deep strengths and weaknesses and to inform your strategic plan and 100-day plan tactical plan for optimizing the target company after your investment.  We'll also continue to refine financial models as more information becomes known.

After Closing

We continue to support your process after closing as you seek to optimize the company you've purchased and harvest your investment.   Our deep KPI and monitoring tools can be employed to keep your fingers on the pulse, track progress toward milestones, and ensure you and the management team have the needed information to drive the company toward success.  Our team can also play key management support, coaching, and board roles as necessary to support the company's growth plan.

Our Guarantee

We are so confident that our process will add saliently more value than what you'll pay, that if you don't agree, and will take the time to explain why you didn't realize the appropriate value, you won't need to make your final payment.

Let's discuss how we can enhance your investment process.

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